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Ocean Audioscope is the title of Swedish artist Per Svensson’s new work, a gigantic horn that lets you listen to the waters of the Atlantic from the top of Pilane. Under fair conditions, Ocean Audioscope can even capture other sound waves, sonic waves that have somehow lingered above the oceans and the planet...

Earth is the starting point also for Finnish artist Ida Koitila’s dystopian interpretation of the future of the planet. Dazzlingly exquisite, everything is linked, occasionally as if by fine nerves about to break. Ida Koitila focuses on the great existential issues of our time, in a work that trembles with pain and beauty. Watch the film here!

In the work The Universe in the Mind of Humankind, the artist Helgi Gislason from Iceland portrays the universe from a human perspective. Visitors who want to interact with the universe can enter Helgi’s beautiful, thought-provoking and magnificent work.

One of many potential threats to our planet is said to be the evolution of artificial intelligence and mankind’s unbending desire and capacity to copy and manipulate nature. Swedish artist Hedvig Bergman has honed in on this. At Pilane she is showing a “natural” giant egg she created according to nature’s own recipe. Watch the film here.

Dutch artist Hanneke Beaumont and Swedish artist Maria Miesenberger are both featured at Pilane with powerful works that highlight our human need to be free and belong to a greater context. Miesenberger’s figure in Holding On clings to the frame as hard as she can. Or is she looking for new paths, as in Change of Direction?  The figure in Beaumont’s Stepping Forward takes its first brave strides away from the isolation and indifference of the group.

Three Bears by the artist Laura Ford from the UK is a charming little party that on closer inspection turns out to be not so charming. Swedish artist Kent Karlsson returns to Pilane with a new composite piece, Birds of Different Feathers..., a small work with a monumental content.

Last but not least, the international artist Tony Cragg is back at Pilane with two new works, the fantastically beautiful Pool, which has sprung up like a rare species in the desolate rocky landscape, and En Block. And Jaume Plensa’s wonderful work Anna is still here, at least for the summer of 2018.


Peter Lennby


Sculpture in Pilane – nominated as one of Europe’s 10 best sculpture parks!

Along with Lousiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark and Vigeland Park in Oslo, Sculpture in Pilane on Swedish island Tjörn was last year nominated as "10 of the best sculpture parks in Europe" by British The Guardian. The other top 10 sculpture parks are found in Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

The Guardian describes the meeting between ANNA, by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, and the cultural landscape of Bohuslän like this: "A giant white marble head stands atop a rocky plateau. With its eyes closed it looks particularly serene and who wouldn’t be in the ancient, rugged landscape of Tjörn island, an hour north of Gothenburg. Contemporary works by international artists punctuate the stone circles and grazing sheep. This is not a manicured park with trails to stick to – some works involve a bit of a climb, so bring sturdy boots".